An Experiment of Psych Kinesis

Can things be moved by just the power of the mind? Scientist now believed that we only use about seven percent of our brain capacity. So, how about the other ninety-three percent? Do humans have hidden powers deep in the recesses of our minds? If you could imagine a power that could think photograph into its existence, or even levitating at one’s own will. There could be a possibility to overcome the laws of chance and the odds of winning in a casino. It is doing something that science says that it shouldn’t do. Or is there really such a thing called PK, psych kinesis—the power of the mind to control the physical world. There are scientist all over the world are trying to unlock its secrets.

There have been baffling cases that modern science has been able to reach. There was an extraordinary story of a Russian housewife that began to filter through the iron curtain in the 1960’s. There was this thirty-three year old, Nina Kulagina claimed that she has psychokinetic powers. Her husband filmed her first attempt and scientists have been arguing ever since. Kulagina has the ability to move small objects in a small distance, which is a great deal of psychic effort.

There were over forty scientists that were called in to examine Kulagina under controlled conditions. They claimed that there was no rational explanation for her mysterious powers, but modern scientist is skeptical. She was attacked many times by skeptic Russians and otherwise but there aren’t any legitimate and good critics over her. If there isn’t any good critic, then the phenomena seem to produce quite impressive. During 1967, the unforgiving cameras were again focused on her. This time by a Russian team, they saw how Kulagina shifted the matches within the table.

People who perform this kind of acts are in an enormous kind of pressure. The veins of Kulagina were swollen and she started to sweat. If she was rally lifting a really heavy item, she would really have to make an effort in order to achieve it. They even built an air-tight glass box for the experiment in order to prevent any possibility into using magnets or electrostatic charge or even blowing objects with her breath. But then again, the results were startling. Kulagina has moved the matches as if the wind had pushed them. But through that box, any physical manipulation would have been impossible. For whatever else was happening, Kulagina was using an enormous amount of energy during the sessions. She even lost weight, complaint of headaches, and during a PK test, her pulse rate soared over to 200 beats per minute. Her brain activity was registered four times than the normal level.


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