Astral Projection Demons

Astral Projection Demons

Astral Projection Demons, this is something I get emails about often from individuals who are scared of attempting such a process because of the belief that he or she may be attacked by paranormal entities such as Demons.

Fortunately, and I know this will upset most of you, but in all honesty, most of you simply are NOT important enough to generate demonic attention.

However, in some cases it will and can happen and this is why you should be prepared.

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If you attempt Astral Projection and you have fear in you, the likelihood is you WILL attract some sort of entity, even if it’s just an “evil” spirit, something that thinks “well, this will be fun.” You have to look at the situation realistically.

If there is something out there that has NOTHING to do and is full of hate and you go out there and put it out with fear, yeah, it’s going to come and see you and scare you.

But you can easily get rid of these entities and it’s honestly not hard.

I’m religious and before doing anything like this, I pray to God for protection and help before doing so.

But a general rule of thumb that will apply to anyone is if an entity or a spirit comes and you do not wish to have contact with it “will it” away, simply tell it to LEAVE now and demand it to leave and you can pretty much force/get rid of the entity with relative ease in most situations.

Astral Projection Demons

I honestly don’t think many of you will have any problems or issues with demons regarding astral projection and if you have this type of fear in you, perhaps it is BEST if you didn’t astral project for a while.

First begin building up your confidence, try exercises such as meditation, which, to be fair, you should already have mastered if you are wanting to try to astral project.

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Then try exercises such as remote viewing. After a while once you start to get comfortable and feel like you have made some progress, try to bring on the “vibrations.” There are a ton of different articles on this website that will give you different techniques on how you can “astral project.” One of them being the “rope technique” and a few others, some like to actually listen to a certain type of music to help bring on the vibrations, either way the choice is yours and you will need to experiment to see WHAT works best for you!

Until next time thanks for reading this article titled Astral Projection Demons

It was a great/fun one to write out and I hope I’ve eased some of your concerns regarding this, if however you need more information be sure to join us on the forum where we’ll do everything within our power to help you out in anyways possible. We look forward to you joining our society! Until next time take care for more about Astral Projection Demons!


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