Believing in Reincarnation

We may have encountered the word reincarnation in our lives for several times already but we tend to ignore it most of the time. For what we know, reincarnation is rebirth. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is defined as “the action of reincarnating or rebirth in new bodies or forms of life”. But is it really possible for one to reincarnate? Or do you believe so that you could have been reincarnated?

Today, I’m going to talk about reincarnation and what it really means. It is obvious that the soul cannot be measured by any scientific instrument. But this minute non material entity is so powerful that this tiny spark of life moves from one body to another and what is called reincarnation. It is not difficult to understand that even in our own life today, we live in different bodies.

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Some people just don’t happen to believe in reincarnation but to most people that are into Wicca do believe in reincarnation. If you reflect on your life and then a part of your energy is taken along with other people’s energy, it is reincarnated into a new person. Basically reincarnation is when after you die, you get reincarnated into something else. It could be into another human being, an animal, a plant or even into water or rocks. Although some people might say that rocks aren’t alive, but it is actually referred to the spirit of the rock.

Being reincarnated into an animal, plants, water or rocks is not something like if you do this in your present life then you will be reincarnated to this and that. It is not an option for you. To some people, there isn’t any scientific proof that reincarnation happens but there are people who can testify that a certain person acts like someone who died years ago or something.

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When talking about reincarnation, people would probably think about Buddhism because there thing is like you have been reincarnated so many times until you are finally enlightened and when you do, you won’t be reincarnated anymore. But most of the time, people don’t really talk about reincarnation because it’s more like a person would support it or just wouldn’t support it. People would believe in it or just simply don’t believe in it or believe that it is possible.

Well, I believe in reincarnation. And when I die, I wished to be reincarnated as water. For water is life. How about you? What do you want to be when you get reincarnated?


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