Demons roam the world are just one plane reason to cause pain and destruction to these planet. Demons are paranormal, often malevolent being prevalent in religious aspects, occultism, literature and folklore. Demons as what preachers would say would always deceive you to turn on their side and become the enemy of God himself. Every prayers and masses demons would be present in a form of deception. Demons scientist would say are just folklore’s and fictions but on the biblical side of the story demons are real they took form in different ways a man will be tempted. Also demons are so called spirits of the damned. They are Satan’s servants who will only cause pain and suffering in this world. Once they are out of there dungeons the world will become dark and dangerous.

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Demons go out in different forms first is deception the other thing is that they form as humans and defile every law in the land. They cause fear and destruction to human kind. Demons are the worst kind to be created, servants of Satan and will never stop until people around the planet will under them and also will cause pain and suffering to their fellow humans. These creatures of the deep are so fierce and dangerous to humanity. No demons are friendly their main goal to this place is just only to cause pain nothing else.

One way to fight demons is that you have the control of your mind, you can only fight back deception and anything else if you have the strong will of faith and belief. If you have the control on your mind and cannot be easily deceive by people then you have the strong faith and belief in what you believe in. Most people have the least faith and belief others don’t believe in God. They want to see everything before they believe in, but the question is; when you see demons and then you believe in God? Would that be a rational answer? Every people has its own belief but the sooner you believe in God the greater the deception is for you.

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Angels and God himself are the only one who can beat demons face to face. Humans can only is to pray and have their faith in God and angels. If someone says that demons never existed then think again what do you call all temptations in life? They are demons in such form. Think hard always.


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