Difference Between Astral Travel and Lucid Dreams When Having an Out of Body Experience

Having an out of body experience is something that you can test where the vibrations are. It is whether having an out of body or in a lucid dream. It means that people doing this are conscious in the dream. In the dream, or when we dream, we have a body. We can have some sequence of the mind. And very often, dreams are not logical. The colors are beautiful; there are a lot of people who dreams in lot of colors. When we dream, we can observe and see that the colors are a little bit gray inside.  It is not that clear when you are having an out of body experience. And you can describe the colors in an astral level. The color seems to be alive and everything seems to be alive for that matter. When you are having that out of body experience, you will feel so much love around you. It is very different from having just the normal dream.

Nowadays, I am trying to see and have the experience of so that I can tell the difference. Is it a lucid dream or astral travel? These two are quite different for that matter because in the lucid dream you can feel some things but it is not real. It looks real, but it is really not real. However, when you are in the astral realm, you don’t feel such things. You will feel free, and you will feel that your body is so beautiful. When in an astral world, you feel that your skin is like shining brightly, you just feel really good and very special.

The more that you get in the astral level, and the more high you go, you will feel and see a more solid, luminous and more spiritual your body becomes. As oppose to having a lucid dream, you won’t feel such a thing. When you are in your astral body, when you come down and when you go back to your physical body, you will be able to see that your body changes and is sort of losing its solidity.

So, that is the difference between in being a on an astral travel and lucid dream, it is such a wonderful experience and feeling however, really very hard to explain unless you try and do it yourself. You will find a lot of feeling when during astral travel that of which you cannot find on this earth.

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