Being that I am working on a series of articles coming up that are about the interrelationship between tarot cards and astrology I figured I’d best write a blog about divination as a whole. It’s a touchy subject and has a lot of nuances to it that are extremely complex and difficult to grasp. However, the basics are true across the board no matter what tool you are using in order to get your answers.

The most popular forms of divination are: tarot cards, runes, astrology, the I Ching, dream analysis, and a pendulum. All of them have both good and bad points and each is good for different things. Being that I am most familiar with runes, tarot cards, and astrology I won’t speak on the rest much, but I felt it important to at least mention them since this is a broad strokes overview.

The most important thing in divination, I believe, is to understand what it should be used for. It is not an excuse to throw your hands up and not create your own future nor is it an oracle that will tell you everything you need to know about your life and your world. Like any tool, divination can be used for good or for evil. You can light a fire to warm yourself, cook your food, and provide light or you can set a forest (or a person) on fire. However, what divination is, is a tool to help gain insight into a situation or a problem. It offers options, possibilities, and information about what you are facing.

The thing that is most important to remember about divination is that it is not a tool that should be your first turn. Becoming overly reliant on it is dangerous because you stop focusing on how to solve your own problems and start looking for options that answer your life’s issues for you and that breeds laziness.

Another thing to know about divination, particularly the less technical (astrology) forms of divination and the more “luck” (tarot, runes) forms of divination is that the medium is unimportant beyond finding something that resonates with you. You will frequently hear people speaking on which form of divination is “best” and which specific deck or set is superior. The reality is that you need to find whatever resonates with you. The runes, cards, and so on don’t have innate power of their own. They absorb and reflect whatever energies the owner or primary users express. Some items resonate and reflect a certain person’s energy better than others, but that’s something unique to the individual.

The final note I’m going to make about divination is something it seems like very few people realize: it’s not not the cards or runes that are doing the reading. It’s you. Some people are innately going to have more success with divination than others because they have the ability to do the reading. Much similar to how some people are musicians, mechanics, engineers, scientists, or artists. But when you lay out your cards it is not some cosmic force with which you are conferring (unlike an ouija board) it is your inner self.


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