Divination Tool: How To Use A Scrying Mirrors

The scrying mirrors can be a little intimidating sometimes to new comers of this divination tool. The scrying mirror has a black glass; it is sort of a copy in looking into your intuition or psychic ability or the third eye. It has the same frequency of your intuitiveness. This gives you the opportunity for an external intuitive frequency to match with the internal intuitive frequency as well as to develop ones psychic ability. When using the scrying mirror, one can use it to enhance the creativity. It won’t necessarily make you a better psychic but help one become better in coming up with solutions to problems and creating things.

scrying mirrors 1The scrying mirror can be kind of hard to focus and soften your gaze to get the technique. It’s really not that hard as to some people might have think but constant practice makes perfect. When using a scrying mirror, you may want to start by setting your mood. Like for example lighting some incense, scented candles, relaxing music or whatever that works for you. It is important that you want to be in a relaxed state of mind and when you are ready, you can now then sit down in front of the scrying mirror.

When you are just starting out with the scrying mirror, you don’t want to try and do this for long. Especially if you are not used to meditating because chances are you’ll get frustrated and tired and later may just have to give up on it because you might not have the best experience of it in the beginning. It would be best to set yourself a time limit, especially when you’re not used to it 15 minutes max.

Another thing that would be best when using a scrying mirror for beginners is to have a scrying journal, in that way, as soon as you are done, you want to write that all — the images that you have seen during the session. So alter you can be able to interpret it. Because once you get proficient with scrying, you can get back at things and see how you revolve.

scrying mirror 2

You don’t have to force anything, perhaps a specific question that you want to scry the answer for. Don’t push things because it might not be very clear at first often at the beginning when you are scrying, and it won’t be a clear answer that you are looking for.


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