Divination Tool: Ouija Board or Spirit Board

There is a very thin line between us as the physical being and the spiritual realm, and that line can be crossed at any time and for some people, Ouija board is used for entertainment purposes when it is actually used as a divination tool. The Ouija board is known to open a portal but the thing is you won’t know what you are going to open.

ouija board 2When using the Ouija board and you have opened up the vortex and invited the spirits in, you have no idea what comes. If you don’t have any boundaries and control, you don’t have any way to stop it. What a Spirit board or what commonly known as Ouija board is basically a divination tool that is used to contact spirits on the other side. However, the Ouija board has been viewed negatively by lots of paranormal society group. A lot of people may not have put any notice on them and a lot of them too have said not to use the Ouija board for no reason at all.

Some Christians would say that they have been taught or had experience from the Ouija board, and they would say that the demons came through. For some people who had experienced with the Ouija board, they are more like have a scientific approach and not really religious by any means, those are the type of people who had never experienced any negative from the Ouija board.

ouija board 3

The Ouija board is a very difficult divination tool that has been marketed as a game but can be really powerful. There are lots of other types of divination tools that can be used which are just interpretive. It is actually about the money. In the media, anything that is scary and that is daring, challenging to people, stuffs that are unusual, bottom-line is, its money making.

Once again, the Ouija board is a tool for divination and can be very specific. It is more than any other tools in divination because it spells out information directly to the participant that is asking the questions. For some people, they are skeptical about the Ouija board because they might have thought that people who had experience with Ouija board are just moving them.

When dealing with Ouija board, it is best beforehand that you have to take this kind of thing seriously and not just a game. For you will not know what this game may lead you to.


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