Do Chupacabra Really Exist?

I have read an article here that what looks like to me being described as the Chupacabra, and so I thought I would write something about it and would be able to compare it to the creature called “Sigbin”. Now, I’m not sure if that Sigbin is really compared or described to be as the chupacabra but from what I know, chupacabra’s can’t be found just anywhere. These creatures are hard to find and there are hardly ever any sightings.

Although the chupacabra has been reported that it has appeared in Puerto Rico in 1995 but the first sighting was believed to be in 1987. It is described to be a strange blood sucking beast that has killed chickens and other animals. For a witness, it was tall as an average man with red eyes and fangs. Some people have believed that the chupacabra exist and to those people who have seen the chupacabra believe it is something new, a new hybrid. But evidence has led to most likely a dog or a dog hybrid.

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Some says that it looked like a kangaroo or coyote, only bigger. It is believed to be violent; it jumps high and known to be an intelligent creature. Some say that the chupacabra is like a hairless coyote or a giant reptile that moves by hopping like the kangaroo. It is also believed that the monster can fly or become invisible.

However, a predator that is big cannot hide or could avoid protection long enough for people to find. That is why some believed that the chupacabra is just a hoax, especially the cryptozoologist. To some people in Puerto Rico, the chupacabra is a national mascot and not a natural monster. But to some people across Latin America, they believed that the chupacabra really exist.

One of the other theories is that the chupacabra is an escaped US experiment, as they say, the US army created the chupacabra and loss control of the creatures. Once it was out of the laboratories, the creatures would behave as an invasive species dominating the local ecosystem. But some experiments are visible but why not the chupacabra?

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Another theory about the chupacabra is that it is believed to be an alien. They believed that the attacks are made for the purpose of scientific expedition. It is said that the nature of the attack has evidence like to remove genitalia and organs. In which case there are reports of UFO activity that would coincide with the attacks. They believed that the chupacabra is an alien force and the US government sis believed to be trying to catch it.

However, these theories have no currently proof of the claim. So, then again, what is really a chupacabra?


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