Genie: All Powerful

Genies are spiritual creatures mentioned in the Quran and other Islamic texts that inhabit the unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of the humans. They are all powerful aside from God, but why such powerful creatures exist here in the world?

Well we don’t know about the Islamic teachings or texts but to be sure we don’t know the truth. Here is the thing about genie, as we saw in the famous cartoon movie “Aladdin” genies are mystical creatures that were trapped in such cute lamps, they can grant wish they can kill people and what is best is that they can make people fall in love with one another.

Genie, All Powerful pic

So the thing about this genie if it were to be true then people’s greed are enormous because they can’t be contented and doesn’t know what they really want. In the Islamic texts I never quiet read and understand it very well but genies are physical being scorched with fire and actually they can communicate with the humans and interact with them.

Genie, angels and humans are the three wisdom of God himself according to the Islamic texts but really do we need these kinds of beings here? I really don’t think so for they are the ones who can cause people’s greed to be more and greedier. They are not just supernatural beings they are also powerful. Imagine that you can wish anything from this being and nothing grant in return, with or without this beings here on Earth still the people are greedy and selfish.

Creatures of the Arabic part of the world are strong; they can do anything, and actually how come it is in the writings of Islam? If that is true then Genies are true and they surely roam the world a long time ago.

Genie, All Powerful pic

Rub the lamp three times and boom the Genie appears and will grant you three wishes. Three wishes all you need to be what you ever wanted. It is also amazing in the other hand to have a Genie now a day so that we can wish that war will be over and peace will be restored. Erase the man’s greediness, grudge and being such a selfish person. Wouldn’t you agree guys? Genies are just maybe the answers of our prayers for world peace and humanity.

If such beings exist then maybe all will be well after the long years.


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