Giants Are Real?

Giants Are Real? Are you familiar about the story of David and Goliath? I often heard of it when I was still in grade school. The story was about David who is one of the leaders of god’s people because of his meekness and ability to overcome all odds. He was challenged by a giant named Goliath the Philistine, one of the five giant brothers whose size is larger than an average size of a person.

Giants are said to be real as what the bible says. If we look at the scriptures there were giants in those days. And if we take that literally not symbolically, then we could say that the first man, the first humans are giants.

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The Mayas and Incas of South America believed the raised of giants existed on earth before the great flood. So did the many other ancient civilizations, some took them as gods or wrote them in their history.

In the American Midwest, there are also very large mans which is said to be graves. An author stated that there are mass graves of giants, some of them are 8ft tall and some are 10ft tall that has extremely large skulls with extraordinary rows of teeth.

Archaeologist who has long been fascinated by legends of giants said, during the year 1850 mountains of Midwest were excavated, in many cases they find skeletons of people who are in excess of 7ft tall and double rows of teeth as well. Six fingers on both of each hands and both of each foot.

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In 1912, ranches go to isolated caves in Nevada to dig out fertilizers. Inside, a surprised is waiting for them. They started discovering some unusual artifacts like duck decoys and baskets. But there’s something else that they discovered, a red haired giants that were mummified. These giants were 6 to 7 feet tall. Wrapped up like Egyptian mummies and have long red hair going down to their shoulders. There was nearly 60 skeletons brought out to that cave, but today there nowhere to be found. What happened to these giants?

Perhaps the entire story maybe a legend, like tons of buffalo bones where remains are burned, whatever the explanation proofs that there were giants here disappeared. Yet at the same time, tantalizing clues of their existence can be found all over the world.

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In South America there are giant figures carve into rock, so huge that the ground level is hard to tell what they depict. But, up in the sky that becomes dramatically clear. The Atacama Giant of northern Chile said to be the largest representation of like figure in the world. Who carved it and why? Still remains a mystery.

Whether fact or fantasy, giants occupied our consciousness as long as we could remember. But did the raise of giants walk the earth? The ancient texts and some of the evidence say they did. Whether they are real, imagined or symbolic one thing is for sure the mystery and myths of giants will be with us a long time to come.


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