How Bermuda Triangle Mysteries Started

Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

It all started December 5th of 1945, when a group of 5 aircraft mysteriously disappeared out of thin air. It is said in the last Bermuda Trianglecommunication with the pilot on one of the aircraft stated that everything looks wrong and even the ocean looks different. The Flight 19 was routine training mission of 5 avenger torpedo bombers. It was the US navy’s top ship and submarine killer this three-sitter avenger is. This avenger had a range of thousand miles, it is sturdy and reliable.

The doomed flight 19 left the port on a clear winter afternoon, but after four hours they disappeared. A naval search rescue took off at dusk but after twenty minutes, quarter past seven in the evening, the rescue plane vanished too. There were no wreckage found even on a massive search and nothing was heard from those pilots again until now.

For over sixty years, this has remained one of the wildest mysteries that has  ever happened about what strange forces could be around out there. It is said in the legend that the triangle covers the seas between Miami, the Bermuda Island and Puerto Rico. It is an area of 500,000 square miles.

When Columbus first sailed in 1492 into the area, he saw strange lights in the sky and the list of disappearances in the Bermuda             Triangle had grown. There have been thousands of ships and planes that have disappeared. There were no warning or distress calls and most of all, there was no wreckage. There have been many best-selling books about the ships unlikely disappearances. By most, it explains that 75% of our planet is made up of water but we don’t know much about our planet. We even know more about the moon and other planets, we know about the earth but we only know about 5% of the sea.

The boatyards in the area have a lot of stories about the Bermuda Triangle. There are stories about giant sea monsters, time warps, spinning compasses and the holes in the ocean that might have swallowed all those ships and it has known around the globe. But there are still disappearances going on in Bermuda Triangle.

bermuda triangle mysteriesFor most of us, there is irregularity or something abnormal that is going on out there and it is something that cannot be explained. It something that might go down far below the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle and as mentioned, it something that until now has not been thoroughly explained.


  1. Douglas Westfall says:

    The concept of the Bermuda triangle was created in 1950 with an article by Associated Press reporter Edward Van Winkle Jones. He had a map showing an airplane flying from Bermuda toward Puerto Rico, another plane flying from Puerto Rico to Miami, and finally, Flight 19 flying from Fort Lauderdale out in the direction of Bermuda. In 1952, George X Sand wrote in Fate Magazine defining the borders, shown in the map from Jones’ article, In 1964 Vincent Gaddis in Argosy magazine finally named the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

    It looks a triangle drawn over the Atlantic Ocean. Each year, ships and planes go missing off the eastern coastline of the United States, as planes have for a century, and ships literally for hundreds of years. Yet both the US Coast Guard and Lloyds of London state that no more ships or planes go missing here than off the Pacific coastline.

    Much of the story however, begins with Flight 19, aka the Lost Patrol when supposedly they disappeared suddenly into the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Flight 19 disappeared in December of 1945 but it wasn’t into the Bermuda triangle and it wasn’t sudden — it took five hours for each of the TMB Avengers to drop out of the sky. The irony of Flight 19 is that none of the men died within the infamous Bermuda triangle.

    Three crash sites have been located and one aircraft has been raised from the sea.

    Taken from, Discovery of Flight 19
    Douglas Westfall, historic publisher of American History

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