How to Create your Own Good Karma

No matter how evolved you are if strong enough storm comes and hits you, you will fall down. So, you do well to choose wisely in your life and create a good karma. It’s the way life is.

Karma is an idea that exist in Hindu, Buddha’s, Jives and seek believers which simply holds that all actions have consequences. In other words Karma is not bad, you might be. If so, here’s how sending the world a good vibrations, be generous, be kind, be thoughtful, be helpful and guess what a chocolate.

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Be generous to a point of giving Donations. Choose your own charity and set an amount of money deducted monthly to your salary, in that way you won’t forget. Donating in a way you’re not getting anything back. You might be surprised on how those things that you really need or not even been using by sharing to feel better but naturally creating a better karma in that way. You might find that money comes back to you in ways that are unexpected as you give.

Be benevolent; practice the road of kindness by giving people a big smile and a wave instead of planting anger and hatred to them. Be kind to elderly most especially your parents. Give them time to have a good conversation with you and let them feel them your love.

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Be helpful in a way of getting a volunteer job even if it’s just for one or two hours a week. Studies show that volunteers have lower rates in depression and heart diseases. In this case Karma benefits are scientifically proven to you. Another reason of being a volunteer and helping others experienced rush same as people doing work outs. Helping other people lived made me realized something feels good in ongoing way.

Be environment friendly by doing the ‘green tips’ every day. You can make a difference and it starts at home like peeing in the toilet save one toilet flush a day. And environmental way to dispose of paper “Say yes to recycling”. Turn off the lights when not in use. Easy as counting one two and three, right?

And the easiest way of generating your own good karma is eating more chocolates. Who doesn’t love to eat chocolates? I think most people do. Chocolate produce a substance that the same euphoric sensations caused by falling in love and smoking marijuana. And if you feel good, you’re more likely to be kind to others.

If your karma is good enough it can wash away concrete adherence to belief system and blow you to the highest heaven.


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