How To Develop Telekinesis?

In this world there are lots of things that exist but have no enough evidence to explain it and one of which is the human ability such as Psychokinesis also referred to as telekinesis. By definition, it is derived from the Greek word “psyche” which means soul, spirit, heart and word “kinesis” which means motion or mind-movement. We are aware that telekinesis is an ability of moving things without having any contacts on it. Basically people have telekinetic powers just take a look at the object if they want to move or break it. Of course we got no idea on what type of concentration they’ve made to make it happen for we think differently. Telekinesis always captures the interest of many people of having or developing it. Having a special ability such as telekinesis is an interesting thing that we people wants to possess, but the question is how do you get telekinesis or develop it? This may be the biggest question for everybody when thinking of seeking the truth behind it. Unlike we’ve seen in movies, telekinesis has been exaggerated much that they could move or throw large things like rocks, cars and execute other impossible things that an average person can’t do. For some reason, other Psychokinesis researchers claims that telekinesis exist and deserves to have a further study on how a person develop and enhance this kind of ability.

I used to make my own investigation regarding the existence of telekinesis through reading books, blogs, watching videos and other stuff that might enlighten me. I want to provide answers to myself by seeing a person that moves objects in front of me. But in my case, I haven’t seen yet a person that has this kind of skills. Of course there are lots of videos available online that claims they have telekinesis but what comes to my mind would always be the question if they are really true. This is due to the fact that we have different resources available to make a fake video that looks like real. With the help of our more advanced technology our imagination can now be translate into reality through making films and videos. The existence of telekinesis remains a big controversy for most of us. Some people believe that telekinesis exists but some are not. We don’t usually believe from the rumors that we heard, we always want to verify and prove it ourselves if telekinesis is something to believe.

Up to this time, I can’t say that I am convinced that telekinesis really exist in this world. However, I haven’t given up yet in looking for the truth if I could develop telekinesis on my own. I am still looking forward that someday if telekinesis exists, I could enhance it and spread it to those who are also interested in learning it. Answers may not be visible as of now but I am pretty sure that one of these days I would uncover the truth about it. It may take time but I am patiently waiting for that time to come about telekinesis.


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