How To Do Astral Projection

How To Do Astral Projection

A common question asked on Astralsociety is how to do astral projection. It’s not that strange of a question on a site like this. With all the questions asked, I figured I may as well give you a run down on How To Do Astral Projection for those who are interested or need help.

Let’s do this!

How To Do Astral Projection
1. It’s good to practice astral projection is between 4-5 am. If you get up early in the morning or are good at awakening yourself during the night this is a good time to start. Never practice astral projection when you feel you are tired, as you’ll probably defeat the purpose and fall asleep. Surround yourself with comfortable things such as pillows, and make even nice smells.

2. Try to block out any noise around you. Noise can be very distracting when you’re trying to relax. That’s why it’s really good to pick a time early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping. No noisy cars, fire engines or people rushing off to work. However, if this doesn’t suit you, find a time that does.

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3. Even though I’ve told you to block outside noise, I do, in turn recommend some soothing music, or possibly astral Projection sound frequencies to set you in to the mood. If there’s a song or sound frequency you like in particular place in on repeat. Certain sound frequencies work really well for me for astral projection, others just give me a headache!

4. Completely relax yourself, as if you were going to go to sleep. Relax your limbs, mind and body. Try to find yourself a focus point such as a bright light or even a design on a shirt. Close your eyes and picture that design but let everything else in your mind remain dark.

5. Your body will eventually fall asleep while you are laying there, but your mind will stay awake, this is your goal. You may feel a tingly sensation, most do. Don’t worry or panic, just let it flow and begin to enjoy it. People often panic or scare themselves out of astral projection, there is no need to do this, for as long as you are in a safe environment and feel comfortable, nothing will happen to you.

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6. EXTRA TIP: some people find it worth trying with a friend or lover. Focus on them solely. Focus completely on their every essence, their smell, their way of talking, your relationship with them and the way they move. This person must already be astral projecting as well, it’s a very fun way of interacting with each other and something new to try. I highly recommend this, but ONLY WITH SOMEONE YOU KNOW VERY WELL AND ONLY WITH THEIR CONSENT! No unconsented dream sex!

I really hope this tutorial on How To Do Astral Projection was suitable for you, and gave you what you came for. Remember to travel light and travel safe, and if you’re travelling with a friend always bring protection ;)


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