Human Cannibalism Cases

Cannibalism is possibly the extreme cultural taboo. There are plenty reasons why humans engage in this practice, for cultural purposes, for endurance or even for contentment. Be clear, I don’t disregard or in any way, endorse what is composed in the following accounts. Read at your own liability.

Cannibalism: The Maori People

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The Maori were the first habitant of New Zealand, arriving many centuries before Europeans. Their dignity dates back to the early modern age. They had been popular to practice cannibalism during rivalry. In 1809 a European convict ship was abused by a large group of Maori soldiers in revenge for the exploitation of a chief’s son. The Maori murdered most of the 66 people on board and carried dead and alive victims off the ship and back to shore to be eaten. Some lucky survivors who were able to find a hiding place inside the mast of the ship was shocked as they witnessed the Maori destroy their mate through the night until the next morning.

Cannibalism: Stella Maris College Rugby Team Uruguay

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On October 13, 1972 the group was on its way from Montevideo, Uruguay to play an event in Santiago Chile. Violent wind and snow annoy the fight as the plane shifted through the Andes Mountains. Due to strange weather and pilot error the plane crashed onto of an unknown mountain on the border of Chili and Argentina. Search groups from three countries searched for 11 days in vain to find the vanished flight of 45 people but were failing and all passengers were considering dead. What followed next is one of the excessive examples of human survival ever recorded. Despite no food or heat 16 persons of the team remained on top of the mountain for over two months through the brutal winter while being forced to eat the remains of their fallen members before finally being saved.

Cannibalism: Carib West Indian Tribes

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The first popular modern reports of cannibalism were reported following Columbus journey to the West Indies. At this point cannibalism was express awful and sinful in the developed world. Imagine, if you will, the impossible horror that the main Europeans felt when they watched Carib natives during a post war tradition biting and or eating human flesh. This misconception of Caribbean ability lead to the people of the America’s being express “savages”. These attitudes lead to tactics which encouraged countless incidents of mass murder, restraint, taking advantage and destruction of the natural culture of the America’s that prolonging for centuries.

Imagine eating human flesh, can you eat it? Can you do it? Till next time for the continuation of this article about Cannibalism.


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