Is Astral Projection Real?

Is astral projection real or not? Why do other people say that it is real? And why would others say that it is just a phenomenon and be explained by science? Did the philosophers have the right explanation about this? Astral projection may not be real to scientist and philosophers around the globe cause they never believe in phenomenon biblically all they believe in is that everything has an answer provided by science.

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Astral projection in remote areas and the areas where they strongly believe in God and science they prove that to be real. They always think that doing astral projection is one way to communicate with God or any spirit of your loved ones. In by doing so you can ask forgiveness to your loved ones or ask for help even help the spirits achieve justice to what happened to them. Have this kind of phenomena or activity here in our planet seems to be acceptable. Can you believe it? We can actually speak to our deceased loved ones on the other side of life. Proof of astral projection has been spread out all over the globe. Pictures of person’s being possessed by spirits, NDE (near death experience) many proofs are scattered around the globe so that people would believe in. Philosophers questioned these psychic people; what is the main reason of the spirits to come back or fused with in the physical body of another person? Psychic people would always answer “the reason why we existed here is to communicate with them and ask them politely what is their purpose here”. Now having these spirits crossing and binding with a human body with its soul or spirit still inside him/her, that is one sign of astral projection. Another thing is that we can communicate with spirits anywhere and anytime, another thing is that quack doctors, psychic persons can lift up a curse being put upon you by spirits. Also why are their beliefs that these spirits sometimes never crossed or entered the other side of life? Because they still crave life, they are taken at a time they never enjoyed life to the fullest and they also want what’s best for their loved ones in the living world.

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The proof across the planet of these kind of phenomenon is anywhere, any country can perform astral projection. Anywhere have their own psychic persons and the only thing that can help us with these phenomenon.


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