Magical Creatures II: The Wonders of the Mermaid

real mermaidThere is so much in this world that we cannot explain. Even the experts, scientist and religion cannot further explain where and how unknown creatures have come to be somewhat real. As we all know, our planet is made up of 71% water and 29% made up of earth’s surface. About only 5% in the ocean creatures have been discovered.
For many of us, we have grown to believe when we were kids that mermaids exist. But do they? We have loved their stories and have seen so many movies like ‘The Little Mermaid’ that made us believe that mermaids exist when we were young. But what are mermaids really?
For over 8000 years, the sun has risen and has set upon oceans and seas; there have been myths and legends of the creature of the water. It is a creature; part human and part fish. The mermaids are magical mythical creatures that have the upper body of the woman and a tail of a fish. The mermaids had always been a creature of mystery, fantasy and undying beauty. They are described to be beautiful with long flowing hair. And the mermaids have come to be folklore in many countries and cultures all over the world.
Through the ages the mermaids have enchanted the people with its elegance and splendor. However, some people would say that the mermaids can sometimes be the cause of shipwrecks, drowning, and storms. The mermaid or some call it the siren of the seas, tends to lure sailors onto the rocks of islands and into their death. The song and their voice would inevitably make the sailor or anyone come to the unknown. They sometime come about to have a human form in order to marry the man they fell in love with and live in the lands for a while but somehow found their way back to the sea.
For over the years, there are quite a number of people who claimed to have mermaid sightings. Some of them were even caught on video and have some photographs that they would call it as evidence. The National Ocean Service in the US says that there are no evidence of mermaids has ever been found. But regardless of what many people would say if there is or there aren’t any mermaids, we still have come to be plausible with what a mermaid really is and if ever they exist.


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