My Lucid Dreaming Experience

We’re dreaming random things every time we fell asleep. Good and bad things, both, appear in our dreams anytime. While we are dreaming, we are seeing different things that we used to believe are real. Most of the time, events are shifted easily to another events, see different people and different places without minding them and by just going the flow. Our dreams vary on what are the things that we have in our minds, the more we think of something usually would appear in our dreams.

Most people asked, is it possible to have a control of our dreams? The answer is YES. This process is what we called as lucid dreaming. What is meant by lucid dreaming? Base on Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden, it is a process of being aware that you are dreaming. In some point, a lucid dreamer could control over their dream and do anything they want while they’re on their dreams. There are only few who can do lucid dreaming because while we are dreaming, we used to forget the fact that we are not seeing the real things.

In our dreams, we could travel around the world, do flying, drove our favorite sports car, meet and talk famous people or even have a date with our crush and a lot more. What we see in our dreams is not real, weird but our minds accept those things as real.

My Lucid Dreaming Experience pic

In my case, my first lucid dream experience was that, I was on the on the top of the building watching cars running below, I then wondered, why am I not scared of falling? I think I am just dreaming. So I look around and realize that everything was just a dream, it’s my first to see this place. I then think that, since I am just dreaming, I can do whatever I want. So I spread out my arms and think repeatedly that I can fly, that I must fly even if I’m not a bird! It sounds so crazy but it happened, and I did flying. I flew up and down, touching the clouds, and seeing that the backgrounds were changing.

As far as I remembered, I was flying around the city then to mountains, next to rice fields and fell out to the sea. It took few moments and I then I woke up, the flying story ends. One technique that I have discovered that could trigger lucid dreaming is that by realizing the strangeness of the situation and then you may say aloud that, “I know I’m just dreaming”.

Lastly, keep a journal where you could list down what happened in your dreams as soon as you wake up. Try to remember important elements such as the people, place, things, events and others because this will help you to understand and interpret your own dreams.


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