Mysterious Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle or what is also known as the Devils Triangle. Has it ever occurred to you or have you ever questioned or even wondered if there are survivors to this mysterious vanishings of aircrafts, ships and other things that fly within that area. Well, for over the years, there are only a few who had live to tell of what has happened to them while in the Bermuda Triangle. And for over the years, there had stories told about the Bermuda Triangle and why is it that there had been so many disappearances in the area. Some would say that is because of the natural forces, elements that are present in the area. Studies of these phenomena had believed that it is because of the Mother Nature and natural events. One theory is believed it is the movement of the seabed and there has been a formed gas in which this gas is released naturally and will create into a giant whirlpool and that would result into the mysterious disappearances.

bermuda triangle pic

One American pilot says that in the year 1970, while they were flying from the Bahamas to Florida there was a strange cloud that appeared directly in front of their plane. They say that the cloud was formed into some sort of a vortex. Saying that it was huge at first and then the vortex started to get smaller. As getting nearer the vortex, they have encountered some intense electricity and flashes that has gone on and off. Their instruments have malfunctioned. Luckily however, they have exited the tunnel of vortex and as soon as the pilot radioed Miami Air Traffic Control. But one thing that remains a mystery is that the aircraft who had radioed the Miami Air Traffic Control, they couldn’t seem to find the aircraft in the radar screen.

bermuda triangle pic

As we might have all know the Bermuda Triangle extends its area from Miami, Bermuda Islands and San Juan Puerto Rico. Among many other tourist, people have their fears when it comes to their travel that may have to pass the area. Of course, who wouldn’t? If you come to think of it, flying by or passing by the Bermuda Triangle is something that you ought to be scared of, you ought to be scared that when you pass the Bermuda Triangle, you may or may not return. You don’t want to be a part of the unsolved mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.


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