As my father reached for the door and made it inside the house of Manang Celsa, they saw a creature. A creature that was very unfamiliar. As they moved their way in to get a closer look, the creature caught their presence and ran to some sort of basement. When it ran away from my father and uncle, it seems that the way that it ran was like backwards. Both my uncle and my father were frightened to what they saw. But curiosity was inevitable.

Even though it was midday, the house seemed to be very dark, so dark that you can barely see what’s inside. So they try to follow and move their way to the area where the unknown creature was, and then there they saw again the creature that what appears like the head was lowered between the hind legs. It is like a goat only without the horns and has very big ears. It also has a very tall tail on it.

sigbin pic

My father then knew that the creature they saw is not just an ordinary house pet. It was moments later after he saw the creature; it reminded him of the creature called sigbin. It is a creature that was rarely seen by any other creature and most especially to human beings, because it has the ability to be invisible. In their little village, rumors have been spread about a creature that does look like a goat or a kangaroo but the only difference is that its head is in between the hind legs.

My father and uncle were both in shocked but a few seconds later, in the blink of an eye, the creature vanished into thin air. It was nowhere to be found. Frightened as they were, they ran their way out of the house. Running as fast as they could for they were so afraid that the creature might ran after them and tries to harm them, or worse, kill them.

After minutes of running they finally came to a halt, gasping for breath. It was then my uncle said to my father that they had to tell their parents but my father said, they have to keep this a secret and shall never talk about it again. And so they went home acting as if nothing had happened.

sigbin pic

The following morning as my father and uncle was about to go to school, they didn’t try to walk through the route where Manang Celsa lives but instead, they took the road. It was then on that early morning, people have been talking about Manang Celsa had already left the village. No one knew why she had left, but to my father and uncles knowledge; the reason why she took off is because maybe, someone knew what she was hiding something in her house.

Many days have passed and people were starting to get back to their only lives. And soon have forgotten about Manang Celsa’s unexpected flee. By then, my father and uncle also tried to make their lives as normal as possible and eventually they did. But this time, they don’t take shortcuts anymore; they now walk the roads going to school. As they have promised each other, to never talk about what happened and what they saw the day before Manang Celsa left.


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