Signs of Twin Flame or Soul mate

How can you tell if someone is your twin flame physically? Twin flame or soul mates are capable of only reflecting back to you as much of the twin flame essence embodies yourself. Some of the commonly express signs of your twin flame or soul mates are:

Instant recognition. Even in your first meeting, people instantly recognized each other and had a feeling that they know each other forever.

Quickened heartbeats. The heart beat quickens in their presence.

Relations start with intensity and immediacy. Rarely, distance relationship requires usual time to get to know one another. It seems to initiate intensity and immediacy.

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Pure reflection of you in their eyes. You will see yourself in each other’s eye. A reflection of what they know about you and parts of what you are.

Orgasmic energy at different chakras. There is an electrifying feeling of orgasmic energy that sometimes begins in the groins but always ends up in the heart chakra.

No desire for separation, usually compliments in works and talents. You may find that there is no desire separation and work usually together for a common goal even if your work is complimentary in nature. There is no competition between you.

No co dependence. You will be solving things no co-dependency will exist. This involves a freedom that you really experience in your reincarnation. Freedom without the need of owned or in control of human being.

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Telepathic connections. It also has telepathic connections that are quite strong often cause a new definition and facts.

Constant state of giving love. You are both in constant state of giving love with no thought of what would be in return. Ego usually steps aside and quits asking what is enough for you very early in a game.

The energy of love goes so quickly and become magnified between you as if there is a constant flow of orgasmic energy at all chakra.

Unity, not Uniformity. You will feel a deep sense of unity that you never know before. Unity but not uniformity.

Sense of Purpose. There is a great awareness of joint purpose that usually to serve humanity in a larger scale.

Free of limitations. Even if you most likely haven’t fully develop your souls, any limitations can be accepted and love automatically.

Out of time/space experiences. You will find yourself experiencing ongoing now that exist outside of time and space.

Signs of Twin Flame or Soul mate pic

Heightened control of sex energy. There will be a deeper natural understanding of the sacred union in a physical sexuality. You will learn to control and utilize energy for higher purposes.

Love impediments. All possible obstructions to love become magnified so they can end it.


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