The Atheist Delusion

The Atheist Delusion

Before I go any further, I feel it is important to mention that many of the authors on and our forum are of many religious beliefs– Christianity, Atheism, Muslims, Hindu, and by far too many to name. The points and opinions made in this article are completely my own and does not reflect everyone on this website. Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s begin with the article. You’ve probably heard of The God delusion. A silly little book that basically screams throughout that God does not exist. As I study many religions and belief systems I found it important to read this book, rather than just blow it off as a silly piece of fiction written to make money, and that it might have some justified opinions and facts that could get someone thinking and questioning them self. However, as soon as I read the book , I realized the main point was “If God exists, why do bad things happen?”
The entire book is full of “facts,” which really aren’t facts, but just silly opinions. To back this further, I will admit I’ve seen plenty of atheists who claim the book is quite silly too so it isn’t really a dig at every atheist out there, but the book really is downright crap.

Anyway, moving on, this article is not about “If God Exists.” Instead, it is about “the Atheist delusion.” What do I mean by that? Well, I am talking about the nature of the modern Atheist– The way they act as though it is a religion, despite the fact they claim to be the exact opposite. For example, recently I saw a post (which you can view here) that was made on our forum asking a few questions to atheist members, one of the questions really got my attention, especially the way Atheists responded.

Basically, someone did a post saying how they’d noticed several people would post things on facebook such as “Atheists better than Christians” or just little photos making fun of religion or how they disapprove of it, and he had no problem with it. Everyone was entitled to their OWN opinion. However, he noticed the minute someone posted a picture claiming how God existed or a belief system of their own. Atheists would jump in on the Facebook post almost instantly. “You know there’s no God” or “I can’t believe you believe in God” leading to a massive debate between most, which always ended with the ATHEISTS insulting first.
I raised my eyebrow slightly as I’d of imagined both sets would be equal on the insults, personally. However, as soon as he made this claim Atheists did jump in and start insulting first.
One of the funniest things said was “We atheists have the right to jump in. We are trying to educate and help the population” Wait, stop. You are, what now!? You hate religion but that sounds exactly like the MUSLIM extremists, or the Jehova’s Witnesses who come knocking at your door on a daily bases pestering you.

Yet it’s perfectly fine for an atheist to do this because they “know the truth.” Yes, I rolled my eyes as I typed that out.

When the individual asked for evidence or opinions on why they do not believe in a God or act the way they do, he simply stated “Please don’t say because bad things happen, there is no God.” Only to get the reply of “We can say what we want that’s unfair! Any God who would let [blah blah] happen doesn’t exist.” Again, showing the immature and childlike behaviour of the average atheist.

All of the Atheists began to get together backing each other up and insulting/overcrowding anyone who disagreed with their belief system making Bizarre claims such as “We know we are right!” And some individuals even claiming that atheists are some how smarter than Christians or anyone who believes in a religious belief system.

Again quite stupid as some of the smartest and most successful business men in the world are Christians, not to say there’s no Atheists though. There’s some incredibly intelligent and successful atheists, but at least I have the sense to see intelligent people come from all backgrounds not just the same belief system as me.

The other thing that shocked me is how Atheism has now become a religion. Yes, it has. It’s become a “We don’t believe in God, let’s stick together and make our voices heard” It’s far louder than the average Christians, and even more annoying now than Jehovas witnesses. For more proof, when Choose Your Religion on most surveys or forms is Atheism is listed as a choice, along with Agnostic.

One of the senior members of the forum really disappointed me, and I’m sure he’ll do a post back to this or his own article to go against this one and I’d LOVE for him to do it– I really would. His name is The Founder.

He made the following post on the forum s “It is also often the case that atheists were once religious before figuring out the truth.” I am sorry, but you lose all credibility as soon as you say that.

When we see extreme Christians standing outside wanting to save you not leaving you alone and telling you homosexuals should all go to hell and everyone who doesn’t follow exactly what they believe is Unloved by God and should be burned at the stake, what do you think goes through their mind? They know the truth.

Unless The Founder has some “all powerful knowledge” given to him that no one else has been given, then I find myself EXTREMELY disappointed with him here.

No Atheist knows the truth. There is no way that I know of to disprove that God exists. The same could be argued on the other side. “There’s no way to PROVE God exists” However, one could claim they have spoken to God, or give off numerous experiences. One cannot, however claim something showed them that a God did not exist therefore, it is an OPINION, not a fact.

Anyone Christian, muslim, atheist, agnostic, hell, any belief system anyone who claims that they know the truth without any evidence to support it can easily be made to look like an idiot in articles such as this.
Another problem I have with Modern Atheists is not only the way they look like an organized Religion but their lack of tolerating other belief systems and individuals. Making silly claims such as the following (This claim was, again, made by our resident Atheist and respected board member, The Founder):

And I quote:

“The price they pay for this is heavy, becoming a pariah in their hometowns, being disowned by family, accused of witchcraft and other primitive fear tactics. This leaves them burned and sometimes quick to anger.”

Now I can believe in SOME small circumstances people are STILL disowned by their family for having a different belief system. In fact some of my family were Jehovas Witnesses and this did happen, so I agree 100%. This is ridiculous but can happen. The following line really caught my attention.

Accused of witch craft..? In this day and age?! I agree completely that a few 100 years ago this was quite possible. But in today’s modern time? This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. When did you last hear of someone accusing someone of witch craft (that was taken seriously too I might add) For simply giving up on their belief system…? In the United States, or a modern country.

This type of behaviour and lies is the same as when Christians used to accuse individuals they disliked or who didn’t believe as BEING witches. Now Atheists are claiming the most ridiculous things to push your belief system on others.
Here’s a tip if you are discussing with someone of a different belief system: Give them facts and YOUR opinion of why YOU do not believe. It doesn’t matter what it is. Give them the truth, don’t argue. Simply state what you believe in an educated way that allows the person participating in the conversation to think himself and actually agree or at least acknowledge your points.

Don’t make silly things up that simply don’t happen now to suit your agenda. That’s what religions do remember?

However despite the things I’ve mentioned here , this is not a “slam” at Atheists, it’s simply a dig that I believe the modern Atheist has become everything it originally stood against and more.

I plan to do another article soon entitled “Why I believe in God, “ to give some of my own OPINIONS and facts on why I believe in a God. I’ll also do a follow up article on this and I’d like to invite an atheist to participate In a 10 question interview with myself where I would like to ask 10 very basic questions too.

Until next time, take care and feel free to join our forums on


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