The Satanic Number 666: Where did it originate?

The Satanic Number 666

Christians and non-Christians often asked “What happened life after Death?” And very often questions are the same. What happens when the Christian dies? Is he conscious or unconscious? Will there be a reunion in heaven with their loved ones? Will those in heaven sorrow over loved ones who are in hell? What is it really like in heaven? Is Hell real? Where did 666 come from?

In the Book of Revelation there are lots of anti-mysteries. But, none of the Book of Revelation has caught the imagination of so many, like the mystery of the number 666. In Revelation, we are told that the 666 is the number of the Satan, if we have wisdom we can calculate the number of Satan and know who he is. Maybe, there are some who wants to know about Satan that he will come to power at the end of age and control the whole world to his totalitarian rule. Anyone who does not worship him and take his mark will be killed. No wonder, many want to know something about Satan.

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The Monte Carlo version of roulette table was invented by François Blanc. All roulette tables now uses numbers from 1 to 36. It has 37 slots including the number 0. They say that Blanc made a deal with the devil for the secrets of roulette because the numbers of the roulette table add on as 666. Is this just a coincidence or just a funny story told by gamblers?

Our solar system consists of 9 planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. But, the question is.. Why does the people afraid of the planet Saturn? Saturn is said to be the synagogue of Satan. During the ancient times, the pagans worship the planet Saturn. In Latin it is called Saturnus, a Roman god of agriculture and harvest. Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and is also the name of the sixth day of the week which is Saturday. It also has a six sided polygon around its north pole that was captured by the voyagers in the year 1980. To summarize it all planet Saturn has six sided polygon, named of the sixth day of the week and it’s the sixth planet from the sun which is equal to 666.

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All religions have devils and demons, forces of evil that seek to harm us. The devil goes by many names and has many faces over the years. But who exactly is he? What does he look like? Is this evil creature still walks the earth, tempting, seducing and corrupting those who have little faith? It’s up for you to find out..


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