Voodoo, Voodooism And Voodoo Dolls: Is It Really Just Black Magic?

Voodoo dolls, most people in the West, when they hear the word voodoo, they’d automatically think of people sticking pins in voodoo dolls and think of black magic. Some people may even think of religion but they’ll just think of some sort of animal sacrifice. There had been a lot of misconception when it comes to voodoo. But can power beliefs actually change our bodies, our physiology? Voodoo is famous for its ability to heal and to hex which make it very interesting. So, can this certain belief really heal or kill? In New Orleans, Louisiana wherein some parts of it, voodoo is well-known.

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First of all, what is voodoo or voodooism? Voodoo is dealing with the spirits and the saints. The voodoo teaches you self-discipline; it teaches you the proper way to pray. In voodoo, what you need is the particular prayer or ritual to accomplish what you need to achieve. It is a big surprise that modern voodooism is hybridized with Catholicism. The voodoo actually has to do with good conduct, morality and ethics. The voodoo is about serving the divine and their concept of it.

One of the misconceptions when it comes to voodoo is the voodoo dolls. When people hear about it they would think of pins stuck in the doll. The voodoo dolls are not always used to hurt people. Voodoo dolls are not just about sticking pins in the dolls. It quite simply represents an individual in magic, it could be used for healing, and it could be used to bring prosperity and good luck, bring love into someone’s life.


As an example of this is when you have a family member or a relative in a hospital, you can create a doll of that person. A voodoo doll for instance and you can do a healing spell to heal that person. For someone who is lonely, you could bring love to them. The voodoo is not just all about hurting people. However, there is a darker element just as with any religion. Some practitioner may use voodoo doll to sicken and hurt people.

But if you have incurable disease like cancer, studies have shown that positive thinking can make no difference to the outcome. But having said that, there is always respect for the power of our thoughts, don’t ever think that a Western education can spare you the spell of the voodoo witch doctor.


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